Getting a Greencard in the United States

Many people over the world would love to come to America. In order to stay in America legally, one of the ways to do so would be to obtain a green card. A green card is the street name for an adjustment of status. You just need to understand that with a green card, you can stay in America providing you do not put yourself in certain legal or criminal trouble. So how do you get a greencard.
Here are 3 ways to obtain a green card.
1. A work sponsor. In certain situation, an employer can sponsor you to obtain a green card. Make sure that you here legally in the United States if the work sponsor goes through.
2. Self sponsor- at times, you might have a unique talent that you can self sponsor yourself for a green card. One person that comes to mind is First Lady Melania Trump. It has been reported that Mrs. Trump sponsored herself to get her green card because of the uniqueness of being a model. Now you might not be a model. But what if you have a PHD or some other unique skills that can benefit the United States. Do not give up. There are always unique people out there that can do self sponsors.
3. Marriage to an American Citizen- If you fall in love and get married to a United States Citizen, then you can get your green card. America is a wonderful country and it understands that family comes first. And so the United States Government makes it easy for those of you who are married to an American citizen to get your green card. Of course, there are exception to every rule. And this article is in no way providing legal advise. And everyone’s situation is different. But these are three ways to obtain a green card. There are certainly more and if you feel that you are entitled to a green card in the United States, then you should consult an immigration attorney who can preserve your rights.

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