Immigration Issues in the United States

ICE Detained Mexican Man Who Seek Sanctuary In The Church.

ICE did it again. A Mexican man, named Arturo Hernandez Garcia, who once sought Sanctuary in a church in Denver has been detained by ICE. Many people in the community are frustrated and nervous as ICE flexes its power over the immigrants. Many people are also nervous because Mr. Garcia, who is now detained by ICE is an immigrant advocate. Even though ICE said Mr. Garcia was a “low priority immigrant,’ which means that it was unlikely for ICE to deport him, ICE detained him anyway. Many people are wondering who will be safe under ICE new authority. Now that President Trump is in power, the speeches at the rallies that were made about illegal immigrants are no longer rally speech but the reality and the nightmare for advocates of immigrants and immigrants themselves.

According to the Washington Post, the immigration arrest rose to 32.6% in the first week President Trump came to office as President Trump empowered federal agents in their pursuit for undocumented immigrants both with criminal records and no records at all.

AS for Mr. Garcia, only time will tell if Mr. Garcia will be deported. But so far Mr. Garcia has lost a string of appeals and all paperwork filed to keep Mr. Garcia in the country have all been denied. Some people are wondering if Mr. Garcia was targeted by ICE because Mr. Garcia is an advocate for immigrants. Others are just upset that someone who could have gotten Sanctuary in a church eventually end up being detained. Only time will tell. We will keep you posted on this story as details come in.

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